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Let me introduce California Mango- your skins new BFF

Let me introduce California Mango- your skins new BFF

Let me introduce you to your skins new BFF- California Mango body and skin care

Breezy beaches, sprawling sunsets, salty air — there’s nothing more inviting than a warm California day. And when we created California Mango, we wanted to give everyone a chance to experience it all — to soak in the essence of California, without leaving home. From there, our mango body care collection was born.



With origins in high-end salons and spas, we’re now sharing our California cool with everyone, one sun-kissed body at a time.


Our vegan, gluten-free recipes combine naturally-derived ingredients from moisture-rich mango oil to soothing Aloe Vera to free-radical fighting Acai and firming Goji to restore and protect skin.


Together with antioxidants including Vitamins A, D, and E, our body washes, lotions, exfoliating scrubs and cuticle oils pamper your body and unleash a healthy, off-the-beach glow and fresh mango scent — even if you’re miles from the sand.


Fresh, Natural, Beautiful . . . California Mango


If you're like us, going to CA is the last thing you want to do right now.  That is why we brought the best of California to you.  This skincare line is so refreshing!  


I encourage you to stop in this week and sample it yourself!  

Sure you can buy a single tube of the lip balm, but why?  You are going to want one in your purse, another one in your car, and another one in your desk at work. So I highly recommend the 3 pack. I promise... It's that good!  

Have you been cutting back on your self-care in this economy?  I know I have.  I haven't been to the nail salon in nearly 2 months.  My nails are naked and to be honest, my heels are DRY.  


Well, they were.  Now they are soft and subtle.  This foot spa kit is everything you wanted all those other foot spa kits to be. 


When you're sitting down to watch a show after getting the kids to bed, or when you're logging in to work in the morning, apply the Mango Mend, put on the (flip flop looking, kinda dorky... but in a cool fun way) socks.  Leave them on for 20 minutes or an hour.  I recommend the hour.  It only took twice in one week to get my heels back to summer form.  

This is the Cleansing Gel.  


This concentrated shower gel washes away dirt, excess oil and other impurities, leaving skin fresh, hydrated and protected



Apply to wet skin using hands, washcloth or loofah, then work into a light foam. Leave on for 30 seconds then rinse.



Signature mango extract restores skin tone with every wash, infusing skin with natural moisture and reversing the signs of sun damage. Added pomegranate and acai extract help combat free radicals, while replenishing and revitalizing skin, while Vitamin E and aloe stimulate cellular and skin-level regeneration for a fresh, bright appearance from head to toe.


Follow this with the Extreme Creme



Packed with refined oils and antioxidants, this gentle-but-powerful moisturizer absorbs quickly, helping restore skin’s natural moisture.



In circular motions, apply a small amount of crème to dry patches.



Our signature crème is rich with mango extract to help restore skin’s natural tone, while working with added goji extract to alleviate dryness. Paired with anti-aging acai extract, sunflower seed and Vitamin E, this crème instantly provides softness.


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