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Omaha Florist

Omaha Florist

Choosing a florist in Omaha

Omaha Florists are the best. 

Living in the Midwest allows our designers to learn trends and styles from both coasts and integrate those into our designs.  We also get to weed out the trends that are extreme and won't find a place here in Omaha.  Some of the floral trends that work in on the coasts would not fly here.  Omaha Florists know how to keep it classic and stylish without being gaudy and distasteful.  And believe me, some of what we see coming from the coasts is, how do I say this nicely...tacky.  

Our designers have been hard at work creating works of art.  You can see some of their favorites on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We welcome all to join the fun!

One of the best florist in Omaha is Lori.  She does a video each Wednesday.  While she designs she chit chats with followers and other florists have the chance to ask questions and get answers.  Being an Omaha Florist allows us to be a little more relaxed in our approach to social media approach.  Lori talks about life at the flower shop and what's going on in a way that invites people to join the conversation.  



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